Aims and Objectives

‘The ideal of all education, all training should be man making’ said Swami Vivekanand. Truly the aim of all our training in school is to enable the child grow into an adult who is a dynamo of power, a versatile person who can do anything and everything, an individual who can grapple with challenges that come his/her way and succeed.

The main purpose of our education system in GHPS LONI ROAD is not to produce merely scholars of erudition but to enlighten the present generation which is standing at a cross-ways, bewildered and confused. We try our best here to give them an all round education so that they develop into integrated personalities capable of seeking & choosing what is right and noble at all time.

Our education must be God centered in this age of materialism and violence. So we try to eradicate unjust structures that perpetuate poverty & social disparities through our moral education & social services. Learning here is not only in the form of academics but good health, good grooming, nurturing of hidden talents are also catered to. In this endeavour our children too have been extremely enthusiastic co-operative and very willing participants.

Academics might not be every child’s forte but many of them may outshine their counterparts in art & craft, sports or histrionics. Objectives of education cannot be achieved by mere academics. The development of worthy emotions & feelings, heightened inspirations & wholesome aspirations can develop only by energizing both body & mind. Thus co-curricular activities are an integral part of our school programme because they provide scope to develop social skills, a sense of co-operation, team spirit, and self discipline and at the same time develop aesthetic and cultural values.

The Zeal Enthusiasm & Dedication of entire fraternity of GHPS Loni Road is laudable.

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