School Prayer

If one dwells on (the essence of) knowledge,
One becomes a benefactor of all
when one overcomes the five (demons) one abides
(as if ) on a pilgrim-station.[1]
If one’s mind is composed, then that for one is the
Tinkling of the (Jangam’s) bells.
O, what can the yama do to such a one hereafter?[pause]
When one sheds all one’s Hopes is a sanyasi
When one’s cherishes chastity,one is yogi and has the full joy of the body [2]
The digambara is he who has compassion within,
If he slays his self, then verily he slays not another [3]
You,O Lord , are the only one, though the garbs (of men) Are many.
One can know not the mystery of all your wonders[4-25]

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